Iyara community is a diverse community with many people. These people however struggle to make ends meet and what’s more; their kids struggle to go to school.

We at Cleverminds educational Foundations took out time to study these kids through the project “Project Engage” and we got to meet amazing kids who harness great and beautiful talents.


Meet Rosemary, she has a smile that can brighten your day. Quoting her exact words she said.

“My mama run leave my papa because he always dey talk say he go kill her”. Monday Rosemary is 11 years old and in primary 3 but she can’t read or speak well. She has big dreams to become a lawyer. One thing we hope to achieve with the free primary school for orphans and underprivileged children in iyara is to help children like Rosemary learn and nurture their dreams at a very early age.


Meet Olademeji Oladapo

‘Dimeh’ as we popularly call him is a talking machine. He is funny and creative with words and he never stops talking. Although he has a setback in his education because he didn’t get into school in time due to poverty, he is extremely smart. He is 15 years and in JSS 2. He has dreams to one day be a comedian. He has his role models as Brother shaggy and I go dye.

When asked what he needed, his only request was simple “I want to leave Iyara community to somewhere better; anywhere but here”

Teenagers like Dimeji can do better with his talent if given the opportunity. We hope his dreams to one day be like Brother shaggy or I go dye comes true as all we continue to do is mentor teenagers like him and expose them to opportunities if we have them.


My papa na Agberoh for park, I nor want that kind life ” ~ Augustine

Meet Uzor Augustine!
Augustine is 12 years old and in primary 6. He is a very talented Singer & rapper With Davido @davido as his Idol although he hopes to become a marine Engineer someday. He stays in a mud house here in Iyara community warri with his parents and 5 other siblings. Augustine’s desire is to become better than his father and to move out of the mud house they currently stay to a better one.

He expressed himself to us and said “My daddy dey work as agbero for park, he always dey beat my mummy. I nor want that kind life for myself”

Meet Ufuoma Exceeding. A 4-year old boy who dreams to become a Nigerian police officer. He talks about it, walks like it, talks like it and each time you meet him he always tells you about his big dreams to one day be a police man in Nigeria. He lives in Iyara community, Warri and hates crime. He is in Kindergarten and lives with his parents and siblings.

There are so many kids like Rosemary, Demeji, Augustine and Ufuoma in the commuinity of Iyara who have great dreams but lack the right resources to pursue them.

This is what Cleverminds Educational Foundations is all about. Thanks to the free school that will be opened in September this year, these kids will have access to education and an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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