Theory of Change

Current Problems

  • Orphans and vulnerable children lack access to quality education
  • Most children are out of school
  • Parents in the most rural areas don’t see the need to get education for their kids
  • Most girls in poor communities are not able to attend school due to gender discrimination & early marriage
  • Poverty due to lack of education


  • Leverage on technology to plant Low cost schools in rural areas
  • Carry out education intervention/orientation programme
  • Provide school aid to children to assist learning


  • Free / Low cost schools are available
  • Technology blended learning viz a viz Entreprenship is accessible

Immediate outcomes

  • Orphans and vulnerable children are educated
  • Many children and families are able to afford education
  • Many Girls can now go to school
  • More parents are now oriented on the need for education

Impact Goals

  • Fewer out of school children
  • Lower rates of poverty in communities
  • Educated children

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